207 Maine Featured Recipe by Chef Tara Cannaday – Peach Bellini Mocktail

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Chef Tara Cannaday makes a delicious tart and sparkling mocktail inspiring an infused edible treat made by Pot + Pan, the Sour Peach Gummy
Chef Tara Cannaday toasts springtime by sharing her recipe for a Sour Peach Mocktail that inspired the Pot + Pan sour peach gummies

Peach Bellini Mocktail

1 cup peach nectar, chilled

1 ½ cups ginger ale or seltzer water, chilled

Sliced peaches, for garnish

Pour fresh peach nectar into your favorite coupe glass (If you’re trying to serve a crowd, this can be made in a large pitcher).

Top with a ‘splash’ of ginger ale or your favorite seltzer water.

Garnish with sliced peaches on a cocktail skewer and serve!

- Tara