A Food First Approach

The Pot + Pan Difference

Hidden discretely in the international food capitol that is Portland, Maine,
lies a gem in the landscape of the cannabis industry.
Pot + Pan has been an edible manufacturer since 2015,
making tasty treats for the recreational and medical communities.
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New to cannabis?
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Starting Small

We recommend starting with a low dose like 2.5mg, and advancing by 2.5mg if your tolerance allows.

Even if you are a higher milligram (mg) consumer, sometimes those low doses are also great because they give you the opportunity to eat more than one bite.

How to Enjoy
Your Pot + Pan Goodies

Time & Place

Remember, Time & Place matter with any experience. If we eat an ice cream sundae in the rain, it’s going to feel different than eating one in the sunshine.

The sugar high will hit us differently if we eat it first thing in the morning before breakfast, or after a big dinner. Your body is processing a substance, like caffeine, sugar, dairy, etc. and just like those substances, it’s going to be an individual experience for each person.

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