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Meet Tara

The Genius
Behind Pot + Pan

Her energy is magnetic, she radiates confidence and joy and she is commanding and confident in the kitchen.

Chef Tara graduated from culinary school in Cambridge and has worked in some of the best restaurants. She ran two acclaimed businesses and now leads Pot + Pan’s edibles with her inquisitive and playful approach. Her creations pair nostalgic flavors with delightful surprises. They have surprising contrasts—in aroma, texture, taste, color, temperature—that invite you to stop and take note, to relive a happy moment, or sear the present one into your consciousness.

You might find her simultaneously piping an elaborate pattern onto a gorgeous cake, pulling a flawless tray of cookies out of the oven, and dashing off a savory sauce, all while landing the punchline to a hilarious story. So when she lets you in on her secret—that everything she’s concocted has a little secret ingredient (a dash of THC) you know you’re about to enter a world of culinary wonder.


I’m passionate about making new memories, and sparking favorite old memories through the food I create; whether it’s the warm and fuzzy feeling you get biting into a freshly baked lemon bundt cake, or being transported back to days at the booth of a diner with loved ones laughing over a cherry lime bubbly drink, it’s the smells, tastes and sounds that release our thoughts to joyfilled times. Add a dash of THC at your preferred dose, and wow, then we’ve made something truly special.

Feast Your Eyes

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100mg Mini Gianduja Bûche de Noël 🪵 ...

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It’s P I E season, y’all 🥧
I’m spending the week whipping up all sorts of delectable desserts for Thanksgiving, including the salty + sweet ‘Peanut Butter Pie’ that inspired the @potandpanofficial fan-favorite chocolate bar!
What are YOU baking up for the holiday?

Cider Donut. Maple Bourbon. Pumpkin Crème Brûlée. ...


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Connect with tara

Let’s get in touch.

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