The differences between Hemp CBD oil and Hemp Seed oil, and how they differ from Marijuana

With the emerging trends in CBD many people are accidentally buying Hemp seed oil instead of CBD. While both Hemp seed oil and CBD provide great benefits it’s important you know the difference. If you are new to the world of CBD and Cannabis/Hemp derived products it may be overwhelming, and confusing.

A common question for individuals in search of natural and alternative ways to relieve pain and anxiety is:

“What is the difference between Cannabis, Marijuana,  Hemp CBD oil and Hemp seed oil?”

While there is information on the internet that will provide you with the differences, there are not many resources that consolidate that information in a quick and easy-to-read article. Here is a brief description of the differences between them so you won’t have to search the entire web to find the answers you are looking for.

Cannabis is a genus of flowering plants that both Hemp and Marijuana belong to. CBD (cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring compound that is found in both Marijuana and Hemp but legal cbd is derived exclusively from the Hemp plant. Hemp has a wide range of uses, and is cultivated for production of fuel, fiber, food, and the medicinal compound CBD.For more information about CBD refer to our blog article What Is CBD and How Does It Work.

The major distinction between the two is that unlike Marijuana, Hemp does not produce a significant amount of THC (less than 0.3% THC)(Figure 1). THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is a  psychoactive compound that provides the mind altering state known as a “high”, that most people relate with marijuana.


Pot and Pan Hemp CBD tincture (left).  Hemp seeds ready for cold pressing (right)

You may have seen Hemp seed oil, sometimes called Hemp oil, advertised at big box stores, and on shelves of supermarkets. Hemp seed oil and CBD oil are two very different things. Hemp seed oil a very common ingredient in cosmetic products such as lotion and shampoo. It is extracted from the seeds of the Hemp plant. On average, Hemp seeds can contain about 30% oil by weight. Hemp seed oil is has high concentrations of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids and is extracted through a process known as cold pressing.  While Hemp seed oil is used for promoting cosmetic health, it lacks the medicinal properties contained in CBD oil. Hemp seed oil promotes healthy skin and hair, while CBD oil is used to treat symptoms like pain and anxiety.

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- Tara