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Not for kids: Explosion of colorful cannabis treats coming soon to Maine

The state’s nascent adult-use cannabis market is poised to expand rapidly, but some worry the new products will be too appealing to children. Keri-Jon Wilson likes to think of Tara Canaday, the executive chef at Portland’s Pot and Pan, as “the stoner whisperer.”  Whether she’s whipping up cannabis-infused goodies like gingerbread-flavored bonbons or a Flamin’...


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CBD for Pets

Millions of Americans are using CBD on a daily basis, and there are millions of pets out there that can also benefit from the effects of CBD.

What Are The Benefits of CBD and How Can It Help?

If you’re someone who has been seriously considering adding CBD to your daily routine, but not sure if it will help your specific condition, you’re not alone. We want to help you get the information that you need, and the knowledge that you deserve, to make an educated decision on the use of CBD.